Why us?

We develop creative communication concepts backed by a strategic line, shoot videos and write stories for companies and brands with unusual dynamics and a touch of cheek in our blood.

What we do for our clients

We like to change the ruts and differentiate our brands from the competition. We are not just creators. We are storytellers, guides and strategists of the digital world.

Always on social media communication

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We create a strategy and regular flow of content for your social media followers. From Facebook, Instagram to Tik Tok, YouTube or LinkedIn. This includes quality community management or influencer management. We are Facebook's business partners.

We devise and implement campaigns

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Are you launching a new service or product on the market? Do you need to raise awareness of a brand, product or increase sales of your company? We'll create a breathtaking video campaign for you from idea to finished product. And watch out, our video ads are addictive and have won awards not only from customers but also from expert juries.

Photography, filming, design and animation

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Do you need to create a new brand identity, content for your sales materials, catalogues, social networks or trade fairs? We have designers, photographers, videographers and motion designers. And we have our own studio for podcasts and other productions.

Performance marketing & Media strategy

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In order for content to be visible and meet business objectives, it cannot do without a media strategy and ongoing optimization of PPC campaigns, whether on social, web or search engines.

Software development

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Within our AIM group we have skilled developers from Mountainlift, with whom we create from simple landing pages, through corporate websites, to sophisticated web applications or internal systems.

Why clients choose

We have our own production and studio to be as flexible as possible and not rely on a third party.

We change the ruts in the segments and try to really differentiate the brand.

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We are the extended arm of your marketing team, founders and directors. We care about business goals and meeting them, not just the number of likes and followers.

We think holistically and in context, we don't just push current trends.

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