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Good Lunch from the Bonduelle portfolio is one of the other innovations that we helped to gain a permanent place on the Czech market. It is a balanced and delicious lunch in a compact package that is available in three variants.

In order to show it to people live and give them the opportunity to taste the new product, we went on a small roadshow with Good Lunch at the beginning of autumn, from which we regularly posted video reports.

Video outputs from the promotional event

During the tasting tour, we drove more than 1,200 km, visited 6 cities, selected 12 sampling points and handed out 1,000 packs to hungry and curious passersby!

At the same time, we stirred up a debate about the lunch habits of people in Bohemia and Moravia and maybe even made some respondents rethink their current eating habits.

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The scenario was the same in all the cities; with a hostess in a Bonduelle branded outfit stopping random passers-by around lunchtime who, after filling out a short four-question questionnaire, received a packet of Good Lunch.
The results of the questionnaires surprised us!

One of the pearls, for example, was that people in Moravia spend on average more for lunch than people in Prague.

Even so, the quoted price for lunch ranged from 150 - 200kč, which is roughly twice as much as a packet of Bonduelle Good Lunch costs. And that was still in most cases related to spending on the lunch menu, where nutritionally rational food rarely appears.



In order to give people outside of the places we visited the opportunity to participate, we also started a competition site. All you had to do was register, answer four questions and you were automatically entered into a competition to win a tasting pack complete with stylish travel cutlery.

Our website was visited by an impressive 4,300 people within a few weeks and 753 of them participated directly in the competition. From them, we have selected 18 winners who are already enjoying their prize.

We will certainly not let the collected data and information about the lunch habits of the respondents lie fallow any longer. The results of the questionnaires are used as inspiration for the content for SoMe Bonduelle, which is also managed by WeBetter. At the same time, thanks to the contacts made, we have the opportunity to inform balanced food lovers about other competitions and news from the world of Bonduelle.