Client: EcoFlow

We created authentic content

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The darling of the crowds

EcoFlow has been taking down Kickstarter since 2017.2017. Last year's DELTA PRO campaign, for example, raised $1 million in the first ten minutes and ended up raising $12,179,651 in two months, making it the most successful crowdfunding campaign of 2021 and the sixth most successful campaign of all time.

No wonder. In recent years, off-grid living has become more and more appealing to more and more people. But at the same time, our dependence on electrical devices is growing. EcoFlow battery stations are the ideal solution in this situation!


Why don't the Czechs want him?

Despite the global hype, the reception of EcoFlow in the Czech Republic was initially cool. The Czech market is specific and the initial dislike was mainly due to the targeting, which copied foreign markets. In other countries there are DIY people who buy quality tools and forge with them. Czechs go further and ideally “forge” their own tools. Therefore, most of the comments came from weak-willed people who “will make the same thing out of a car battery, five nails, and a leftover cable.” Through patient and fact-based community management, we did convince most DIYers of EcoFlow's superiority, but the positive reflection of our efforts in sales was not satisfactory.

How did we solve it?

A crow sits next to a crow

After the first weeks of cooperation we decided that this is not the way to go. We asked ourselves who EcoFlow is useful for in our conditions. The answer was closer than we expected. Our customers are photographers, smaller productions, and especially creative people who like to get away from the city. The same people we are.

So we started creating content that would be relevant to new groups and started using EcoFlow ourselves on our shoots, taking it on chats or camping. Not only did it make our lives incredibly easy 😊 We also created authentic content and showed the use of battery stations in real situations.

Another way to give the product credibility and spread awareness was to involve influencers. We didn't go blindly down the path of follower counts, we focused on creators whose content actually helps followers navigate the world of technology, giving interesting tips on how to develop their own business.


A turnaround for the better

The new approach, content and new targeting didn't leave the results waiting for long. Positive reactions started to increase in the discussions and the overall view and awareness of the brand improved. But most importantly, it had a positive impact on sales themselves.