Influencer marketing using AI

27. Mar, 2024

Winning Technology: How AI influencers are changing the dynamics of influencer marketing and brand communications.  


The boom in artificial intelligence and its impact on many industries that we have begun to see particularly over the past year continues. Logically, with this comes innovations that may have existed before, but are now appearing in completely improved formats.  

Today we're going to talk about AI influencers. Characters with hyper-realistic contributions who are able to create campaigns, build communities, develop their own brands and establish collaborations - all with an efficiency comparable to human influencers. 

The allure of having your own AI influencer is undeniable: unlike a human, it's far more reliable while maintaining a consistent character and authenticity thanks to advanced algorithms.  



You may have noticed the AI avatar Aitana from Barcelona receiving private messages, invitations for dates from celebrities. Apparently, she has no idea she's not real. 

Social media images of Aitana

According to its creators, a virtual model can earn up to €10,000 a month, with the average earnings usually around €3,000. She earns just over €1,000 for advertising and recently became the face of Big, a sports accessories company.  

In just a few months, she has managed to gain more than 121,000 followers on Instagram and her photos are getting thousands of views and reactions. She even receives private messages from celebrities who don't realize she's not a real person. 

Designers working on Aitana's images at the agency.

Introducing the use of AI influencers?  

The Spanish agency that created Aitana has been inundated with requests from brands that also want to be personalised following its success. In short, it's great to have a mascot, but it's even better to have a strong personality on social media that represents your values, shapes part of your brand and there is the possibility of some continuity and development.  

Not to mention the cost savings, because working with real influencers is not cheap at all, some prices are starting to get anomalous and in the long run it pays to have an inhouse influencer and just an AI avatar. And it doesn't have to be one, there can be more over time, they can work with each other and form a content that will be interesting to followers and beneficial to your brand  

It's quite likely that the emergence of AI influencers may also rapidly reduce the prices of current influencers, as they won't be able to compete otherwise. 


What can we worry about?  

Many people have expressed concern about the unrealistic perfection of the models and their effect on the younger generation, who may be obsessed with achieving similar perfection. We already see this phenomenon abundantly on social media. However, the responsibility lies with all of us as to how we educate our children, what content we create, what values we share and what character we imbue AI avatars with if we choose to use them.  

There is also criticism for sexualising the model of avatars created, but this may not be much different from most content on social media. AI avatars are likely to split into different groups in the future, some of which will be of this nature - and perhaps there is no need to address this aspect in any particular way. 


And what do we say at WeBetter?  

We are currently exploring and discovering ways to efficiently create and manage a similar avatar to achieve the perfect fit. Our primary focus is on the consistency of the model to make it compelling and meet the parameters that will fulfill the goals we set. 

Video content is a particular challenge, as video is a key element of successful profiles. It is crucial to effectively integrate our influencer into the videos as there are still some boundaries and limitations.  

Do you want to experiment with AI Avatars, try incorporating them into your communication and be miles ahead of your competitors?  

Let's arrange a meeting! :) 

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