10 years of making heroes


About the client

Cara Plasma

Cara Plasma is, as the name suggests, a blood plasma collection company. The word cara comes from Italian and is used to describe valuables. Blood plasma plays a valuable and irreplaceable role in the production of vital medicines. It takes plasma from more than a thousand donors to produce one vial of some medicines. Plasma also helps in difficult surgical procedures, burns, transplants and oncology. Its value is unquestionable. Moreover, it is currently impossible to replace it comprehensively, despite major advances in the field of medicine. Voluntary donation therefore remains the only way to obtain it.


10 years of making heroes

We decided not to let our client's round anniversary go unnoticed and serve the public a campaign in which real donors of Cara Plasma played the main role. Thanks to this collaboration, we managed to get real testimonies and emotions into the campaign, which fulfilled the intention of the whole campaign.

The focus on donors was meant to be an expression of social appreciation and an effort to raise awareness of donation, which is voluntary, has societal significance and even modern medicine cannot do without it.

The aim of the campaign was to reach the public through online videos, supported by visuals in an outdoor campaign. During September and October, people could meet the heroes and heroines of Cara Plasma on the streets in selected cities across the Czech Republic. The outdoor visuals included QR codes to establish a light interaction with passers-by.


What we invented

After discussion with the client, we selected 9 regular donors and cast them as heroes and heroines. During one production day we photographed all our heroes and filmed a short interview with each of them. A place for an imaginary tenth donor was placed on the landing page that the campaign created to motivate the public to join others and become one of Cara Plasma's other heroes and heroines and help save lives.

As part of the video production, we created four short-format Shorts videos and one main spot featuring all the heroes of our campaign.

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Although it was primarily a branding campaign, it had nice results from a performance perspective. We achieved 814 new bookings to subscribe, which is a very nice number.