Client: Praha 5

At the Smichov festival we got over 10,000 visitors in 13 days of campaign!

Digital strategy
Event management

Challenge accepted

13 days to organize the festival and make it functional marketing strategy?

Yes, in 13 days we had to organize the whole festival, prepare the brownfield, where the festival is supposed to happen, prepare a marketing strategy and get people there. Line up was really strong - David Koller, Monkey Business, PSH and Prago Union, so we've been hyped. Together with a great team and contractors, we managed to get 10,000 attendees in a place where no one would expect an epic party!

10 000

How it turned out?

Strong strategy
pays off

13 days to prepare visuals, set up campaign performance, and get the best results. We focused primarily on Facebook and Instagram, where we aimed at people from Prague 5 with interest in music. Then we aimed fans of bands and genres that appeared at the festival. We've rotated several formats, from event, through carousely to classic post support.

762 986
706 900
16 300
Confirmed people on fb event
10 000
21 745
Social interactions