Client: SEMTEX


Digital strategy


Consumer competition in 2022?

Long gone are the 1990s, when the public was extremely active and supportive in consumer competitions. Can you imagine if every second family today put an Orion star in their window? Exactly!

Know your target audience…

…and focus on it! This could sum up the approach we have taken to promoting the competition.
Since SEMTEX is a young and predatory brand, it is clear that they have taken TikTok by storm in addition to the classic FB and IG.
On Meta's platforms, we managed to reach 78% target groups in the Czech Republic (60% on TikTok) and 70% in Slovakia via IG and FB.

The most successful posts were the ones that showed the main competition prizes: a weekly draw for 100,000 CZK and a competition for MATE e-bikes, snowboards, gramophones, PS5 and more…

Overall reach of the campaign
6 229 492
77 583
Registered codes
41 553 659


Choose your format

Having good content is great, having good content in a format that is supported by the current algorithm is even better. Therefore, during the 3 months of the contest, we created 34 solid posts, 21 of which were in reels format. The fixed posts were accompanied by more than 140 stories that made SEMTEX highly visible!


Old friends

Campaigns without influencers are perhaps unthinkable these days; finding the right one can be a challenging task. In the case of SEMTEX, we fortunately did not have to go through the courtship process. Thanks to the involvement of our long-time brand ambassadors, rapper Konex, snowboarder Kristýna Houžvičková and Dominik from Die Hard Barber, we had a clearly defined main track.

We added several smaller influencers and one specialty to the trio…
This was cooperation with streamer SpajKK; one of the most followed people on Czech Twitch.

The possibilities for promotion on this platform are definitely interesting, and even more interesting is how few brands are interested in this tool to penetrate the gaming sector.


How did it go?

The combination of in-store installations, consistent and bold creative across all online mediums, along with the involvement of well-chosen influencers, resulted in “one of Kofola's most successful consumer competitions in years”.

During the peak days, more than 2,000 unique cap codes were registered and at the end of the competition, on 27 November 2023, the number of registrations stood at 77,583. The number of registered codes is far from being indicative of the number of drinks sold, but it is a good proof that thanks to us, the contest with the motto ”Life is funny when you have money!”, has definitely gained its fans!