Client: Superpodlaha

Almost from zero to 1,5M CZK/month per year of work

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From Adam to the Superfloor

More than a year ago we started cooperation with the client “Koberce Adam”. Our new client had only one requirement; to start an e-commerce project “Superfloor”! The e-shop had been running for some time, but the results were not to the client's liking. Monthly sales were in the low tens of thousands per month. So we couldn't let it go!

200 pcs
Orders every month

How did we go about it?

The journey into e-commerce has paid off 1500%

ADAM Carpets are a small family run business specialising in the sale of flooring products such as carpets, PVC flooring, vinyl flooring and artificial grass. Although such products are mostly sold in brick-and-mortar stores, these had to be closed for most of last year. During the year we spent on campaign optimization, link building, e-shop redesign and other activities we managed to increase our turnover by 1500% (!!!). And gradually in a matter of months we went from a few tens of thousands to a beautiful monthly turnover of over 1.5M Kč, with a staggering 9.7% PNO!

Our client's e-shop is built on the Shoptet platform, which offers only a limited number of graphic templates. We decided for a complete custom redesign (yes, it is possible on Shoptet too). We dug and modified what we could. The result is a clear, user friendly e-shop that generates nice sales.

How it turned out?

The journey from e-commerce to offline

Moreover, the name SUPERPODLAHA proved to be a hit. And so the complete and brick-and-mortar branches were renamed from Koberce ADAM to the comprehensive brand SUPERPODLAHA.

1,50 M
Monthly turnover
Growth in 1 year
6 520 079
26 781
Website clicks
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