Top 14 comercials of 2022 from Czechia and rest of the world

18. Jan, 2023

You can never have enough inspiration and nice ads. Our creative strategist Ondra Duka has prepared a selection of ads from the Czech Republic and abroad that we consider to be the best in 2022!  

Amnesty International

 With pro-bono clients, agencies often have a much freer hand than with corporate ones. In the case of over-motivated creatives this can be a pitfall, but here it's a hit and miss! With a haunting and chilling rawness, the spot is one we won't soon forget! So, who among you will also write a letter?  



We all know it, clients often have exaggerated ambitions when it comes to the required content of information. A spot where the chronologically ordered plot flows with freedom and lovely emotion therefore acts as a balm for the soul.  The brand tradition itself is also subtly communicated. But it's also possible to do without the exuberant toasting. The spot is an encouragement in difficult times, with a clear and strong message towards the audience. The joys simply have been and will be.  


Compare that continues to communicate with Tomas Srovnaný. It added an extra nice series of studio spots with lots of eye-pleasing elements. Let's add a distinctive brand colour code, an artfully used device, a clearly communicated product benefit and a worthy continuation of the original campaign is born!  



This year, the music spots have been quite a riot! Some, such as Michal David and Penny or Přemek Forejt were, to put it politely... questionable.

Lidl, however, is in a different league - catchy melody and lyrics, but at the same time clear communication of its own products and services.  And the miniature funny gadgets, Gnocci, Flannel, Bulgur, Borruvky... The icing on the cake.  



We know it from the movies. It's hard to follow up an initial success with an equally good "double"... But the Rossman brand has certainly succeeded. The insight is different this time, perhaps only mothers will understand it, and in the end, maybe even the brighter teenage daughters. But if it's aimed at them, that's fine. We'd bet our boots that the reference when presenting the concept was a Kofola spot from 2016 called "Daughter" aka "Please don't say anything!".  


Fio Banka

We love humour in commercials and the slightly unfunny series with Stepan Kozub and Fio Bank just hit the spot. The carousel environment is rewarding and downright conducive to the admittedly over-the-top acting, always tied to the product or service in a clear, if sometimes a bit primal, way. So.... who are the carouselers supposed to represent? The clients?  



Let's not roll our eyes at current trends that aren't exactly correct. Let's make a joke out of it instead. That's what Birell has done, using actor Tomas Zástiera, who represents product attributes in an erotic way because it's just plain and simple juicy... And hand on a man's heart, how many brands would support setting up a profile on Only Fans?  

Almost everyone wants to ride and feed on the "safe" trends... But it takes a lot of courage to use trends that are "not talked about in polite society" for your campaign - and Birrel has shown it! Tomáš Zástěra presenting product attributes in an erotic way, referring to the Only Fans profile of the brand; who wouldn't be caught by that? We certainly did!  



Dove decided some time ago to focus on social issues. The very well-known social experiment "how women see themselves" was replaced by another theme - trust, (in)security and maternal bonding. Excellent execution and a sensitive approach guarantee success here.



Nike: Dynamics. Energy. Determination. Tradition. Personality. And over the years of very high standards, we can certainly find other links. This year's campaign delighted us, and brought a shift from a motivating and relatively calm manifesto, to a dynamic spot dramatizing sports stories experienced during one relatively ordinary life. Let's give the athletes credit - our lives are riddled with amazing feats and we can be happy to be there.  



Put a dog in the ad and it will work! It's always quite difficult to find a brand USP for cars and beers, but here it wasn't even necessary. A sweetly filmed commercial and the story of the beginning of a friendship between a dog and a man who saves his life by recharging him. How simple. And the music!



And now, the beer segment. Happiness and togetherness are kind of standard, but when you make it unsexy and moreover with a connection to a burning issue that plagued us during the covid era, the question arises: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? According to Heineken, definitely vaccinate.  



Let your imagination run wild. The IKEA brand has set expectations high for its products and communication. The chosen ad offers beautiful visuals and dynamic camera work. These assets take us through a variety of experiences, all the way to a happy home. It's simple. But when it's crafted brilliantly, it's a joy to watch and you just feel like rethinking your plans the next day and.... going to IKEA just for a moment (read: 2 hours) to browse.



Whoever counts the number of tricks gets a shipment to their home! Famous cinematography, countless tricks and some crazy changes of scenery. That's what the younger generation loves, and if we add to that a casual and interesting story benefit.


And finally, congratulations to everyone who has read this far.... It's not exactly advertising, but the purpose itself is exactly why we love ads. To make society better.  


3 044 secondary school students did not graduate. They were shot. How to tastefully dramatize this? By making a presentation to the 3,044 unoccupied chairs. If there is anything to admire in overseas films, it is, with the exception of the effects, mainly documentaries, reportage, escalating tensions and authentic reactions.  

Could you play a lecturer without your voice shaking, Strong. Strong. Strong. "Very smart and touching", excellent for PR and viral potential.  

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